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A research platform for realistic social simulations,

& an incubator for social intelligence.

Social Intelligence for AI

AI systems today have impressive capabilities, but they are often socially unaware, sometimes even present biased or harmful behaviors. We believe that aligning AI systems with human values and society requires situating AI in a rich social environment, confronting them with complex objectives and social norms, and evaluating their performance in a variety of social contexts. Sotopia is the first step towards this vision. Here‘s why you might want to use Sotopia:

Enables human-AI interaction

Sotopia is designed to natively support the interaction among humans and AI agents. With simple configuration, you can watch AI agent interacting, start chatting with AI agents, or even join a game with other human players. You can use the default frontend, or build your own frontend using the Sotopia REST API.

Centers goal-driven behavior

Scenarios in Sotopia typically include both social goals and hidden character information for each interaction. Agents in Sotopia are driven by their own goals and background. This feature makes Sotopia a perfect testbed for AI agents to learn to reason in a rich social context.

Supports customization

You are not limited to the original set of tasks in Sotopia. We have a tutorial teaching you how to create your own characters and scenarios and bring them to life in Sotopia. The evaluation framework is also open-ended, you can create your own evaluation metrics, whether it’s LLM-based or rule-based.

Key Concepts

Sotopia is a growing platform for social intelligence research. It includes a variety of social scenarios, character profiles, and relationships between characters. We will constantsly roll out new features and content to enrich the Sotopia platform. Here are some key concepts in Sotopia:

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Each scenario includes a context background, and private social goals of each agent. Scenarios cover a wide range of social interaction types.

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Characters in Sotopia have their name, gender, personalities, decision making styles, occupation, some public information and even their secrets.

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The relationships between characters are in different types and include background stories. This provides more concrete context for scenarios.